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AR Props demo

Here some assorted props from games we're working on, the models are available in augmented reality.

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Tales through the light RPG

True dragons are known and feared for their predatory cunning
and their magic, with the oldest dragons accounted as some of the
most powerful creatures in the world.
This is the first incarnation you will face in Obsydian.

Steam Horse

Steam Republicæ

"A man never abandon his horse", an old saying tells,
especially if said horse has several Horsepower itself!
Enjoy the prairie's breeze, in style...

Steam Airship

Tales through the light RPG

the latest discovery of the Republic's transport industry,
a cozy steampowered ship to transport all of your belonghings!
Pay attention to baloon's holes...

Sophia bodyscan


We can create interactive life-like digital twins
they can learn from existing documents, websites and other sources,
understand spoken questions and reply with natural language
all of this in several languages.